Nine Tips to Deal with Job Search Rejection

It can feel crushing to be so close to fulfilling a lifelong dream only to suffer the closed door of rejection. I asked Daniel how he coped after the loss of that opportunity. If you’re facing unemployment and dealing with depression, the desire to crawl under your covers and never leave the house again can be strong. After all, your former job was likely one of your main motivators to getting out of bed every morning. Because depression can come and go in waves for some people, it’s possible you’ll convince yourself you’re past this most recent bout of symptoms in light of the excitement you feel.

In an October interview with the Register, Roberts said he had already requested human resources hire several individuals who previously applied to work for Iowa’s largest and most diverse school district. Des Moines Public Schools, and school districts across the country, have long struggled with a lack of diversity among teachers and other staff. Two-thirds of Des Moines’ roughly 30,000 students are people of color while approximately 19% of the district’s 4,887 staff members are people of color. “Because there is litigation related to this matter, on the advice of our legal counsel, we are not going to comment while it is pending,” said Phil Roeder, the school district’s spokesperson.

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Losing weight drastically, lack of appetite, and looking and feeling nutrition impoverished or unhealthy will not help during job searches and interviews. People with depression may not even pass the physical fitness tests that most jobs require while joining. Getting rejected for a job people applied for is a hard feeling to take. The rejection process invalidates the efforts, skills, and experiences the employee can bring to the company. The worst thing about it is that we were never taught to accept rejection wholeheartedly. Make sure you schedule time for therapy, self-care, opportunities to recharge with friends or family, and, if you’re between gigs, volunteering time.

While job search depression can be difficult to overcome, there are tactics that can help you maintain your mental health and persevere during the process. When you’ve been beaten down, it’s easy to start feeling bitter, resentful and angry. These unattractive traits could come out and alienate people. If a manager senses that you’re unhappy and blame others for everything that’s happened in the past, they won’t be interested in extending an offer or giving you more responsibilities. In this job market, they’ll believe that there are many other smart, capable and level-headed people with positive attitudes available. Facing layoffs or getting rejected after several interviews hurts.

Lawsuit argues Des Moines Public Schools policy hurts district diversity

A positive mindset helps you embrace your imperfections despite your job hunting depression. Embracing your flaws can lead to feelings of personal satisfaction and success, rather than feelings of failure if you don’t achieve something perfectly. But job search depression is unique in that the feelings of depression are because of the job search process. Learning to handle rejection is one of most important skills you can develop in your job search.

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In addition to the blows to your self-esteem that rejection can bring, your emotional health suffers in other ways. You might think your skills and abilities aren’t strong enough for your chosen career, or you pursued the wrong degree altogether. Maybe you feel embarrassed seeing that your fellow graduates are snagging jobs, but you’re still unemployed.

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Look toward the future and get excited about those other jobs you had your eye on. Review and reflect on the situation and build a personal development plan. Try not to take it personally if you’re not the right fit. Just as you consider the position’s hours, workload, wages, employee benefits, location, and so on, they have certain qualities they’re looking for.

Staying connected with friends and close ones will help you in venting out the emotions that have been harming you and leading to emotional stress. Experiencing financial issues or depleting savings adds another layer of stress. Research also shows that financial stress is a significant contributor to depression overall.