An Introduction to Natural Language Processing NLP

The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group Another approach used by modern tagging programs is to use self-learning Machine Learning algorithms. This involves the computer deriving rules from a text corpus and using it to understand the morphology of other words. By knowing the structure of sentences, we can start trying to understand the meaning of […]

Getting Started with Sentiment Analysis using Python

Introduction to sentiment analysis in NLP Zero in on certain demographics to understand what works best and how you can improve. Businesses use these scores to identify customers as promoters, passives, or detractors. The goal is to identify overall customer experience, and find ways to elevate all customers to “promoter” level, where they, theoretically, will […]

The User Experience of Chatbots

The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots: Design, Implementation, and Best Practices Short videos can aid some queries instead of paragraphs of user instruction. GIFs can also be used, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless it is appropriate. Customers will get bored with text replies and move away from the conversation. A rounded chat piece works better […]

10 Best Enterprise Chatbot Companies A Global Overview

The Complete Guide To Enterprise Chatbots 2023 When coming up with a bot development strategy, enterprises have several options. A single task bot is not a feasible option for enterprises that need an automated workflow coupled with the integration of internal and external ecosystems and the application of natural language processing. If you want to […]