6 Powerful Apps That Use the Eisenhower Matrix for Organizing Tasks

Check my Power Automate articles to find one that can help you. Instead, you might want to bookmark our web app and add an icon to your home screen for convenient access and immersive experience. Items in this quadrant typically include crises and issues with https://deveducation.com/ deadlines. One example, Covey explains in his sample Eisenhower Matrix above, might be a fire in your kitchen. Notion is an app many people are using for many strong reasons. One of the many useful things you can do in Notion is build an Eisenhower Matrix.

Depending on when you need these tasks to be done, schedule each task – one at a time – and think about the way you’re going to accomplish them. Don’t give these tasks too much attention though, as you have to complete the tasks from the first quadrant. The Priority Matrix is a tool that helps individuals prioritize tasks based on their potential impact and the resources required to complete them. It consists of a matrix with four quadrants, similar to the Eisenhower Matrix. Easy & Fast
Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Eisenhower is more than easy to setup and provides you with all you need to get started tackling your tasks. On the Go
Eisenhower is your personal time management assistant for your smartphone.

What Is the Eisenhower Technique?

Quadrant 4 items include scrolling through Facebook, checking Twitter, or playing games. These tasks are okay if you have time or need a break from the more important and more urgent items, but they should not displace them on your list of priorities. TickTick uses the Eisenhower Matrix seamlessly, so you can improve your time management skills. For an extra touch, you can modify the quadrants’ position by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner. Here are some game-changing apps that leverage the Eisenhower Matrix for optimal task organization.

  • The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done.
  • Employees who engaged in self-mastery activities such as exercise or volunteering were more motivated the following day.
  • A task with an imminent deadline is likely to be more urgent than a task with a longer timeline.
  • Once you have identified the urgency of each task, you will then need to determine its importance.

But unfortunately, it’s also a skill that people struggle with. We call the first quadrant Do first as its tasks are important for your life and career and need to be done today or tomorrow at the latest. You could use a timer to help you concentrate while trying to get as much of them done as possible.

Quadrant 3:  Urgent & Not Important

The fourth and last quadrant is called Don’t Do because it is there to help you sort out things you should not being doing at all. The Eisenhower Matrix, also known as the Time Management Matrix, is a graphical productivity, prioritization, and time-management tool. The four-quadrant matrix is a no-nonsense decision-making framework you can use to set priorities and workloads based on urgency and importance. It might be anything from beginning your gym membership, starting a blog, or going the extra mile at work. But since you have more urgent tasks right now, you can just schedule them.

eisenhower matrix planner

This system can help you better use your time and ensure you finish the most significant tasks first. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the matrix with examples and find free templates to download for a fast start. Experts share time management and productivity tips that can help you devise a way to live eisenhower time management matrix in the optimal quadrant. This Eisenhower Matrix template set is available from the Smartsheet Solution Center, which contains more than 175 customizable templates for all project management needs. More generally, the priority matrix enables you to improve your time management by setting clear priorities.